Unleash your 
growth potential with iLoya.  Your Loyalty Solution for Web3

iLoya is a Web3 solution for managing customer loyalty.  iLoya democratizing the loyalty business by putting the power in the hands of customers.  iLoya takes your business relation with customers beyond traditional award and points.  Let's NFT your business and put you in the right track for the Web3 revolution.  Web3 is here to stay, would you like your business to grow?  Join us today!

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iLoya is Free for Customers

Customers don't pay anything in iLoya.  Get rewards immediately and manage all the rewards in one place.  And get the cashback in every transaction by bitcoin (Satoshi).

Transfer Rewards to Friends and Family

iLoya rewards never expire and can also be transferred to friends and family.  

Manage all Loyalty Relation in One Place

One place to manage all of rewards and loyalty programs with iLoya.  No more statements by email!  iLoya is a real Web3 solution

Stay Tuned for iLoya Launch